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GOP Elected Officials


Republican elected officials representing Coles County include:


National Level:
U.S. Rep. Timothy Johnson

State Level:
State Sen. Dale Righter
State Rep. Chapin Rose

Local Level:
Coles Co. Clerk Sue Rennels
Coles Co. Treasurer George E. Edwards
Coles Co. Circuit Clerk Vicki Kirkpatrick
Coles Co. Coroner Ed Schniers
Coles Co. Sheriff Darrell Cox

Coles Co. Board:
   Michael Zuhone, Dist. 1
   John Hurst, Dist. 2
   Marc Weber, Dist. 3
   Mike Weaver, Dist. 4
   Mark Degler, Dist. 5
   Paul Daily, Dist. 6
   Phil Wilson, Dist. 7
   Jan Eads, Dist. 9
   Stan Metzger, Dist. 10
   John Bell (Chairman), Dist. 11
   Clint Bays, Dist. 12